Our Vision


To fulfill customer requirements faster and better than the competitors. To service our customers always with: right quantity, right time, right price. Qualified, professional and ambitious staff :

  • Continuing staff training to increase performance, professional advancement within the company’s structure.

  • Correct and documented evaluation of each employee, in order to increase motivation and fulfill job requirements in their respected work status.

  • Employee motivation in the direction of stimulating their capabilitiues and increase work efficiency.



Annualy sistematic turnover growth by 20%, having as a moto: “Quantity, Correctness, Service, Trust” The achievement of new market figures by creating new brands & images. Investment growth in the marketing sector in order to “to stay close to our customers with our products. Investment growth in technology & infrastructure making our products to a higher quality, in accordance with customer requirements.


Continuing to be the leading company in Albania & Kosovo for the lubricants field. Actually we are the biggest lubricants company in Albania, our vision is to maintain this position in the Kosovo market and further.

Our promisses to employees

  • Ideal conditions and great work place.
  • Options for professional advancement.
  • Respect & Appreciation.

Our promisses to customers

  • Quality service and support.
  • Great products & innovation.
  • Continuos development and relationships.